Bulletproof Boy Scouts won the main prize at the'iF Design Award 2021' (Photo Credit = Hive)

[License News Reporter Jiwon Hwang] BTS ''GRAPHIC LYRICS' series and Tomorrow by Together's album'The Dream Chapter' series won the main prize at the'iF Design Awards 2021'.

According to the list of winners of the'iF Design Award 2021' released on the 12th (local time) by 'iF International Forum Design GmbH' in Germany, BTS''Graphic Lyx' series and 'Dream Chapter' series Won the main prize in the communication category. 

The 'iF Design Award' is evaluated as one of the world's top three design awards along with the Red Dot Design Award and IDEA (International Design Excellence Award). 

BTS's 'Graphic Lyrics' series, which won the main prize in the communication category, is a project that Hive IP (formerly Big Hit IP) expressed as an illustration (GRAPHIC) of BTS' lyrics in June of last year as a picture book. 

From the time of publication, it attracted a lot of attention by suggesting a new way to enjoy music with the catchphrase 'Song, Become a Picture'.

BTS's 'A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone', 'Save ME', 'House Of Cards', 'RUN', 'Butterfly', etc., each containing a total of five songs in a picture book, the graphic Lyrics is the sympathy and comfort of the lyrics. Together, they conveyed the impression of the lyrics intact. 

Hive IP composes different illustrations according to the words of the song, adopts different printing and production methods for each of the five books, and pursues diversity in design so that music IP can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Graphic Lyrics was published simultaneously in Korea, the United States, and Japan, and received great love from global fans.In Korea, the first week of release in Korea, all five of the series entered the 10th place in the online and offline comprehensive weekly best rankings, proving high topicality .

Tomorrow by Together's album'Dream Chapter' series was also recognized for its outstanding album branding and won the main prize in the communication section of the iF Design Awards. 

Big Hit Music, which won the main prize in the brand & communication category for the package design of BTS''LOVE YOURSELF' album series at the Red Dot Design Awards last year, proved once again its highly complete visual creative competence by winning the main award at the iF Design Awards.

The Dream Chapter series is a series of series leading to Tomorrow by Together's debut album'Dream Chapter: STAR', the first full album'Dream Chapter: MAGIC', and the second mini album'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY'. It contains the narrative of the boys' experiences and growth through meeting different but similar friends. 

Big Hit Music received high praise for its album design, reflecting the message of each album, and showing the creative that did not lose its narrative and organicity as a series.

The design of the dream chapter album series is the process of discovering a friend similar to oneself (STAR), having a magical time (MAGIC), and moving forward without losing dreams (ETERNITY) in an unstable period from childhood to a boy. The youth story containing the visuals was visually implemented. 

The album design is a picture in which two arrows meet the process of discovering and empathizing with friends of the same age as the series unfolds. It is a feeling of exploding a state of being surrounded by a sense of uplifting as if you were a protagonist of the world after experiencing intense emotions that you have never felt with your friends before. Expressed with spark. 

Next, the boy's sense of helplessness and loss of realization of the imperfections in reality that came after a magical moment, and the hope of not losing faith in each other, were imaged as an infinite link.

Meanwhile, at the'iF Design Awards 2021', more than 10,000 design results were submitted from 52 countries/regions, and winners were selected in a total of 9 categories, including products, packages, and communication. Winners of this year can be found on the iF Design Awards website and application. 

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